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  ORISHA Arts-in-Community 


Available for Corporate, Cultural and Trade Events, Fairs and Festivals anywhere in Australia and overseas.  Quality, innovative hybrid-Australian productions showcasing dynamic skills and talents of professional performers making exceptional use of 'energy', incorporating Occidental and Oriental dance, mask, and puppet theatre.


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{CP1} Dreaming and the Stolen Memory Suitable for 15 yrs and above
An ORISHA original, this is a special journey about memories being lost and dreamings being real, or perhaps it is dreamings being lost and memories being real?  Nonetheless, masked dancers and puppet characters weave in and out, interacting actively with the audience, while raising awareness and understanding of what it is like to be old and forgetful, and whether sharing of dreams and memories are really important.  An exciting blend of contemporary Asian and Indigenous Australian melodies and moves, this heart-warming and humorous performance lightly uncovers the historical link between the Yolngu people of Northern Australia and the people of Makassar from the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia.


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{CP2} Pandi's Magic Pudding Suitable for 2 yrs to 12yrs
First produced for childcare audience in 1992, the plot is full of 'magic, mayhem and music'.  The story touches upon the meaning of friendship, about sharing, about taming the monster with birthday parties, AND, if there is really such a thing as... A Magic Pudding?  Performed in the style of 'Punch 'n' Judy' meets Ramayana, young children interact enthusiastically with the loveable puppet characters.

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               Kyogle Youth Theatre NSW    Sea Creatures festival of Perth WA 

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                                     Grupo Moagem Recife Brazil    Fire on the Water Darwin NT


Community Projects, Consultancies & Special Residencies 

Community Cultural Development programmes focus primarily, to facilitate skills development and communication in order to strengthen community spirit;  develop group dynamics; encourage cross cultural experiences; enhance individual potential; enable cultural action for social change; facilitate motivation of positive role models for the young and the emerging artists; and to assist with enabling development of social and economic strategies for long term benefits to communities.


ORISHA provides a variety of highly skilled community project coordinators, facilitators, mentors, and artists to assist communities with their particular needs and requirements. 


Program of activities are designed, developed and undertaken in collaboration with:

> Arts and Cultural Groups/Organisations

> Family, Youths & Children Groups/Organisations

> Health Education and Services

> Local Government Councils

> Migrant Resource Centres

> Rehabilitation & Support Centres

> Welfare Groups/Organisations

and other Government and Non-Government Organisations for Community Cultural Development, Therapy & Healing, Cultural Action, After-School Care, &/or School Holiday Program, ARTS as Vocational Education for Youths at Risk, Drug Education, AIDS Awareness, Health Education & Promotion...


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Sriwana Putri Dance Group -  Community Cultural Development Project, Darwin NT 

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                                'Cativo' Recife  Brazil               ' Movimentos' SP Brazil              'Power'  Darwin NT




Community Cultural Development
Community projects and residencies that culminate in street parades, and/or performances eg. Art & Working Life, Community Environment Art & Design, Multicultural Festival, Picnic Day, International Women's Day, NAIDOC Week, May Day, Reclaim the Night, AIDS Awareness Week, etc.  ORISHA coordinate and facilitate Community Arts Workshops that encourage group dynamics and community spirit; encourage practical and cohesive participation; provide opportunities to local young emerging artists to access professional skills and knowledge for practical experience; facilitate creative collaborations and professional development opportunities for both local and visiting professional artists; and facilitate potential avenues for communities to improve their social and economic conditions .  From Large Scale Concept Design,  Project Coordination & Direction, Dance & Choreography, Mime & Puppetry, Puppet/Mask/Banner/Float/Sculpture Design & Development, to Street Theatre Performances.

Community & Youth  Theatre
Focus primarily on group dynamics, motivation and unlocking creative potential; building confidence and esteem; developing interpersonal skills and communication techniques, performing skills through practical workshopping of relevant topics/pertinent issues to voice concerns and raise public awareness.

Forum Theatre
Based on one of Augusto Boal's Theatre for the Oppressed performance model, this particular programme aims to develop the skills of actors and facilitators to create, perform and facilitate improvised works dealing with specific issues of oppression, involving the audience directly to motivate critical thinking, dialogue, resolution, and action.

Milkyway of Masks
An intensive programme designed specifically as a natural alternative to prescribed drugs, for children diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and hyperactivity.  Children explore individual creative expression through creating their own mask characters; explore dynamics of movement and rhythm; learn to channel their excess energies towards creative expression; develop confidence and self-esteem; understand personal limitations and capabilities; and collaborate in the development of group performance.

CHANGING COURSES Self Motivation towards Personal Wellbeing
Intensive and in small groups, these workshops are designed to complement the work of, and collaborate with, medical professionals and social workers.  The primary focus is to assist with enabling 'healing' of 'negative' thinking and 'trapped' emotions through development of group dynamics (confidence and trust); awareness and development of individual and group energies; awareness and development of coherence between the individual's mental, physical and emotional wellbeing; unlocking and liberating of tensions, fears, traumas, and/or grief through exploration of imagery and senses; and development of rhythm and relaxation techniques through movement, music, and voice. 

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Community Workshops for Recreation, Personal & Professional Development

These are designed to suit Artists, Childcare Workers, Community Arts Workers, Youth Workers, & Social Workers for Professional Developmentand Children, Youths, Adults, and Senior Citizens for Personal Growth and Recreation.

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