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  ORISHA Arts-in-Education

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Performances in Schools

These are BILINGUAL (English with Indonesian, Portuguese, or Spanish)
OR May be performed in ENGLISH Only.
Designed to suit age groups from Pre-Primary to Upper Secondary (K-12).
Duration: 50-60 minutes including Question & Answer (hands-on participation)
Upon confirmation of registration, a Teacher's Resource package will be sent.

Awakening of the Myth

First Part : An Orisha adaptation of an Indonesian mythology, this narrative dance performance highlights the traditional Balinese Mask Dance technique.  Ancient gods and forest spirits come alive to interact with the audience, conveying the importance of community spirit in order to attain harmony and to save the environment from destruction.  
Second Part :  A condensed version of the ancient Ramayana titled Rescue of Sita, this humorous and dynamic performance will have the audience having fun interacting with the puppet characters. These puppets showcase the richness of traditional wayang kulit and wayang golek characters, and the performance style provides better understanding of traditional cultural values and symbolisms of those characters portrayed.

Dreaming and the Stolen Memory
An ORISHA original theatre production of dance, masks, music and puppets, this is a special journey about being old and forgetful and of sharing memories and dreams. Characters portray importance of families and friendships, appreciation of one’s own culture and acceptance of another culture. This heart-warming performance uncovers the historical link between the Yolgnu people of Northern Australia and the people of Makassar from the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia.  An interesting blend of cultures that is truly and uniquely Australian.

(AP3) The Final Trip "Khayalan yang Terakhir"
An ORISHA original that brings to life the dangers of destructive behaviour and consequences of substance abuse, this powerful performance aims to enhance Drug Education in schools and to encourage further discussions on issues raised. Masked and puppet characters interact with the audience, raising issues and conflicts between addiction and the survival for life. A special follow-up workshop titled, “Say “NO” to Choops! has been designed for Upper Primary and Secondary levels, as part of this performance package.

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Rouchel Public Sch    Kiddywink Childcare    Nhulunbuy Primary    John XXIII College


Workshops in Schools

Highly recommended to follow after the performance, workshops are designed to introduce participants to the specific art forms and experience the performing and visual arts in an exciting and fun atmosphere. Designed to suit specific age groups from Pre-Primary to Upper Secondary (K-12).
Workshops should commence at least 20 minutes after performance.

Beginners Practical Workshop    >> 70 minutes



(BW1) Mask Theatre
An introduction to mask theatre performing styles and mask characters; students will learn to explore the basics and develop spontaneity through collaborative improvisations.  A great start to practical learning of human interactions.
Clean, smooth floor in a spacious area and CD/cassette player required.

(BW2) Popular Dance

An introduction to popular dance styles from South-East Asia, or Latin America. Understanding the meanings of gestures and movements will enable students to dance to the rhythms of music from either Bali, Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Singapore, or Malaysia; while Popular Latin rhythms will enable students to move to Latin samba or salsa. Students will confidently complete a dance by the end of workshop.
Clean, smooth floor in a spacious area and CD/cassette player required.


(BW3) Puppet Theatre  

An introduction to Wayang Golek puppet theatre of Indonesia using colourful, intricately hand-carved three-dimensional wooden puppets. Students will learn to identify puppet characters, explore character relationships, expression and voice, manipulate puppet movements, and devise their own group dialogue and sketch.  Great for communication & language skills development.  LOTE students will be able to develop bilingual dialogue.
Classroom with  tables and chairs aside and a medium display board required.


(BW4) Puppet Making

An introduction to Wayang Kulit shadow puppet theatre of Indonesia. Students will learn to make shadow puppets from traditional characters, and how to connect pieces together to enable movement of puppets. Advanced Art students may find the challenge to create own characters and more elaborate designs.
School to supply materials - a list will be provided. Art room recommended.


(BW5) Songs & Rhythms of Australia 

An introduction to some very popular Australian children's songs, students will have an opportunity to explore different rhythms and melodies with dynamic actions, as well as understand the story behind each song.  Students will also be exploring their own vocal potential through voice and movement exercises.
Access to some percussion instruments and CD/cassette player required.


(BW6) Songs & Rhythms of Indonesia

An introduction to some Indonesian drum rhythms and popular children’s songs, students will have an opportunity to, not only, explore the different chants and styles of singing from a variety of cultures from Indonesia, but will learn songs and rhythms and explore their own vocal melodies and rhythms. Access to some percussion instruments and CD/cassette player required.  This is recommended for Pre-Primary, Lower and Upper Primary.


(BW7) Tari Topeng Bali
An introduction to the Balinese Mask Dance; students will learn to explore the basic stance, hand gestures, and mask expressions and movements in response to the rhythms of the Balinese gamelan music, and be able to explore symbolism and roles of mask characters and improvise collaboratively focusing on movement, coordination and rhythm.  Clean, smooth floor in a spacious area and CD/cassette player required.

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Southern Cross DHS, John XXIII College, Lymburner Pri, Dunsborough Pri,  Milingimbi Community, Moorine Rock Pri, 
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Anglo-Chinese Jr, Tom Price DHS...

Artists in Schools Residencies
A Full Week of Activities.  One or Two Weeks.
Dependent on acquired level of achievement.


(C1) Arts, Culture & Language of Australia
Contemporary dance, didgeridoo, songs, presentation

(C2) Arts, Culture & Language of Indonesia
Mask making, mask dance (Topeng Bali), community (popular) dance, presentation

(C3) Arts, Culture & Language of Latin America
Mask making, Latin dance, theatre, presentation (Spanish or Brazilian Portuguese)


(C4) Creative Writing (English or Indonesian)
Rhythm of text, understanding cultural nuances, word play, poetry or scriptwriting


(C5) Mask Making & Mask Theatre
Mask making, character development, street performance techniques, presentation


(C6) Puppets for Communication
Language, voice projection and range, dialogue, explore levels of communication, interrelations, art of puppet theatre, presentation


(C7) Interpersonal Development through Theatre
Confidence building, group dynamics, communication techniques, develop dialogue, expression and improvisations, collaborative development of performance presentation.  Highly recommended for Secondary students (ages 12-14 and 15-17).

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  Professional Development for Teachers & Educators


(PD1)"Snapshot"- An Introduction to ORISHA Programmes
Consisting of a short performance, hands on practical introduction to types of workshops and residencies available.
Duration: minimum 30 minutes, maximum dependent on requirements.
Special cultural evenings that include Dinner and
, a more extensive Cultural Performances may also be negotiated for special conferences and seminars.  

(PD2) Arts, Culture & Language (Indonesia) ~ Your Choice of..

> Indonesian Poetry Writing/Reading

> Indonesian Play Writing/Reading

> Mask Making & Mask Dance

> Popular Dances

> Puppet Making (Wayang Kulit style)

> Puppet Theatre (Wayang Golek)

> Songs & Rhythm
All of the above culminates in presentation as part of the individual's Assessment task



(PD3) Creative Dance
Movement, expression, rhythm, energy through different styles and techniques; cross cultural rhythms with narrative theatrical elements; individual and collective performance presentation



(PD4) Puppets Alive!
Puppet voice characterisations, puppet manipulation and performing techniques, improvisations, collaborative development of performance and presentation



(PD5) The Power of Masks
Mask making, mask character development, commedia performing skills development, improvisations, collaborative development of performance and presentation.


(PD6) Theatre for Interpersonal Development
Explore individual potential through movement, voice, rhythm; develop group dynamics and skills in public communication; explore individual and group expression and spontaneity; develop characterisations, improvised scenarios and presentation.

Professional Development Workshops may be held as After School, Weekend, or Evening Intensive.  They are specifically designed to develop participants' knowledge and skills in the specific chosen categories, from beginners to advanced levels, and at variable durations from 6 to 16 hours.  All workshops aim at achieving set outcomes which will be assessed at the culminating presentations.

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ORISHA Resources include a wide range of cultural artefacts, music & story CDs and Books of Legends & Myths from Australia, Brazil, Burma, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam...

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